Rum Group

RUM Group



In 2002 we started our journey in Jordan by investing in the Transportation and Tourism sectors and continue it expand to reach the Aviation business, insurance, industrial real-estate developers and the stock exchange Market. our diversified assets and wise strategies have supported Rum growth plans and stability despite the economy down turns and the Region instability. We have recognized that Jordan has a lot to offer and we jumped into the opportunities when it presents itself turning the challenges to opportunities.


While Jordan has relatively a Small Conservative Market but has a lot to offer. The Jordanian central geographical location in the region, the stable political environment and the safe modern culture with the mature legal environment in addition to ambitious liberal leadership vision, have opened the doors for private sectors investments to contribute to Jordan’s sustainable development.


Our Down to Top business approach aligned our investments with the market expansion, we are” Ground Dreamers” who consider to reach the Sky yet keep their feet on the ground. We take decisions based on the combination of the available resources and the future business dynamics. While we were racing the market movements, we have written to our shareholders and our customers at the same page which enriched our journey with shareholder’s confidence and the public confidence. Simply, we deliver our promises.


In Rum Group, we understand that Business environment is moving fast to comply with the change of consumer’s behavior and the technology revolution. Accordingly, we continuously consider to adjust our plans and enhance our human forces capabilities to accommodate the improvement and lead the Jordanian market by examples of achievements.


Rum Group Today is one of Jordan’s top leading companies working tirelessly to achieve more success and switch gears to expand beyond the Jordanian Market.
with our entrepreneur spirit we are proud of our success stories and ambitious for more achievements.

      Riad Khashman
       Chairman & CEO

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