Chairman's Speech

Century Investment Holding Company has achieved positive results and profits that exceeded previous years and continued to achieve its progress and achieve its strategies and objectives efficiently and distinctly. In the years to come, we hope that profits and achievements will continue to make further progress.

First: Significant increase in fixed assets:

The company's results showed a significant increase in non-current assets amounting to JD 10,859,033 in 2016 compared to JD 5,407,619 in 2015. This was due to the purchase of land and real estate within Al Hassan Industrial City. The company's real estate investments include 77000 m2 of land on which buildings with an area of 38000 m2 are all built.

The company's management seeks to exploit the rest of the available land by building on it and renting it to increase revenues generated from leasing revenues to achieve stability and continuity of the company's revenues and profits. The company also owns 65 dunums of land in the vicinity of Hassan Industrial City and the company seeks to invest in it and achieve rental and investment revenues through which the company profits increases.

Second: Policies and Strategies:

The Board of Directors has taken the necessary measures to adjust the company's strategies so that it becomes the largest developer and owner of real estate and land and is better exploited, and to withdraw from investment in factories through the sale of shares of the company and achieve returns on the capital invested so that the proceeds of sales are exploited to develop the company and achieve profits , The company has achieved profits through the sale of its shares in the Jordanian Standard Textile Company (Al-Bashkir factory) and will achieve future rental revenues from the same company because it owns the land and properties on which the plant is built.

Third: Increase the capital of the company:

The company has increased its capital in 2016 to JD 10 million. The success of the private placement has reflected the shareholders' confidence and support for the company. This has led to the company's high cash flow and consolidation of its bases and its ability to achieve its objectives and plans to increase its assets and achieve profitable returns. With the return on capital to reach 15% .

Fourth: Projects under implementation:

The company is currently working on the feasibility of developing the land owned by it in the vicinity of Al Hassan Industrial City as a housing for workers, and renting it to the factories operating within the industrial city of Hassan to increase the expected returns and rents in addition to the construction of a vacancy on the land owned by the company

fifth: Investments in subsidiaries and affiliates:

To pursue its investments with subsidiaries and affiliates and distribute risk as well as to achieve additional returns and various cash profits to maintain the balance of assets and progress of the company.

The revenues of the Group for the fiscal year 2016 amounted to JD 2,211,653. After deducting the administrative, general and other expenses and the income tax provision totaling JD 726,710, the net profit becomes JD 1,484,943 compared to JD 402,217 in 2015. The profit resulting from the sale of the Company's shares in the Jordanian Standard Textile Company amounting to JD 1,251,239. After deducting the mandatory reserve and adding the retained earnings from the previous year, the net distributable profit becomes JD 1,336,439.

                               Riad Al-Khashman

Chairman of Board of Directors